Our Mission- Helping, Sharing, and Giving to Many Types of Businesses

Small Business Consulting


Expanding your business? Looking to build networking through social media? Seeking new customers and additional market share from existing customers? Would you like to improve and increase the profitability of your business and protect your wealth at the same time?


Kiai will help you obtain all your goals.


The Kiai Communications LLC Consulting Team operates a Small Business Owner Net Profit Enhancement & Wealth Advisory Practice and works for family owned businesses based in the Greater Boston Metro area. We strive to be the top ranked Consulting and Advisory Team in the area solely focused on delivering creative customized solutions designed to increase the net profits of our client organizations. We attain these goals for our client businesses through innovative sales & marketing strategies and through “forensic” cost reduction & expense containment initiatives.


Our mission is to be a primary contributor to the increased business revenues & increased net profitability of our client organizations and also the key to the implementation of wealth management safeguards & protection strategies for all of our clients and their families. We want to help you improve returns, control risk and simplify the investment process, while also helping you keep a watchful eye on your liquidity and income needs. 


The Kiai Communications & Consulting Team realizes that business planning and team communication are critical to success. In order to make sure our client businesses run as profitably as possible we will hold weekly planning meetings on behalf of each client which will consist of:

  1.  Review the previous week’s action steps for proper communications and accountability to each client
  2. Preview the upcoming week’s schedule to determine a report of activities from each team member’s area(s) of focus and operation
  3. Review and “brainstorm” all major client events or issues in a group setting
  4. Check status on business vs. plan initiatives for all clients
  5. Performance review of all leading team members
  6. Focus attention on results & accountability

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