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Dom & Paula Kalil

Paula & Dom Kalil

Professionally Domenic A. Kalil is and has been one of our most successful advisors and expert investment consultants in service to small family-owned businesses mainly in the Northeastern United States.

Retired @ 55 after spending 30+ years bringing Wall Street to Main Street. He holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration MBA from Babson College 1986 our nation’s top entrepreneurial educational institution, as well as, a Bachelors of Science degree from Boston University’s School of Management 1978.

Dom is thriving in his current role as author of 5 soon to be released E books entitled:

fact sheet(1) The Colossal Colonnas: an Italian Family’s Heritage – Hunting Fishing & Cooking Secrets Revealed!

(2) The Sun-Drenched Isle of Santorini: A Pathway to World Peace

(3) Equilibrium Inc & Lead Your Competition: Applying the Ancient Wisdom & Inner Chi of the Martial Arts to Business Life

(4) Americo: the True Story of a Good Guy Caught Up in a Bad Crowd

(5) The Self-Actualization & Entrepreneurship Manual: pre-Crucible Skills Training & Entering the Crucible

Kalil is also a co-founder of Our One World of Peace.org a fledgling non-profit foundation/organization devoted to World Peace and always taking the high road to right-living. The foundation seeks to help, share and give to others. Setting a positive example to all of the global sojourners who travel Our worldwide expanse protecting Our planet from harm and attempting to abolish All conflicts daily during and throughout Our collective life & times. The True Mission for World Peace upon Our planet the Earth orb.

Dom is an engaging speaker with a strong connection to local community and is actively involved with or donates to many & various charitable, not-for-profit organizations including those that involve property or woodland conservators such as:

Founding Member of The Order of St. Sharbel Trust – benefiting the retired clergy & the seminarians of the Christian or Roman Catholic Organization – The Diocese of St. Maron located in Brooklyn NY- communicating through US based Bishops who report directly to the Pope and the Vatican in Rome, Italy.

Essex County Greenbelt – Conservancy of Boston’s ‘NorthShore’ properties and Grasslands MA.

Trustees of Reservations – MA State-owned land usage Conservation Commission

Project Bread

Walk for Hunger Family Service

Bowl a Strike for Kids

Friends of Memorial Hall Library, Andover MA

North Andover Merchants Association – member in good standing

Merrimack Valley Chamber of Commerce – local participant based in North Andover MA

Dom is well versed on all of the following topics: Italian-American Heritage & Upbringing including; Tall Tales of Mobsters, Lebanese Sainthood, saltwater fishing for striped bass, cod, haddock, flounder, bluefish & black sea bass in the Northeast ocean waters of Boston Harbor & its Out Islands along with Cape Cod Bay, hunting battles with wild turkeys and whitetail deer, Applying the Wisdom & Inner Chi of the Martial Arts to Business Life and promoting Self-Actualization Skills through; idea innovation/generation and through ‘Crucible’ Teamwork or experiential successes, finally: many true stories involving communication with Departed Loved Ones via Shiny Dime Coin Manifestations!

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