Health and Wellness Programs








Innovative Health & Wellness Programs Developed to Improve Employee Productivity through Enhanced Flexibility, Inner Balance, Stress Elimination, Breathing Patterns, Mind Intent and Body Coordination

Customized Company Health & Wellness Program – Stress-Free Sessions designed around the needs and goals of your employees

Educational Workshops – designed to break away from typical routines and teach new ways to remove stress and optimize employee health & well-being

Format for Private Corporate Training Sessions and Employee Educational Workshops

1) Warmups – 8 Ancient Chinese Stretching Exercises for Health & Longevity
Benefits include : tension/stress relief, increased flexibility, improved strength, enhanced circulation and energy along with better alignment

2) Meditation – Guided Group Meditation for Clarity & Focus
Benefits include : learning to remove stress, overall body relaxation, developing a laser sharp focus and a clarified mindful inner thought process

3) Deep Breathing – methods designed to recharge your body, clear your mind, release tension and rekindle your spirit

Optional : One on One Executive/Business Owner Trainings

The Lead Your Competition Trainings & Equilibrium Wellness Techniques are pathways that allow for the combination of 8 interplays between the 4 element universal theory (air, water, earth, fire) and the 4 aspects of human nature (pleasure, success, duty, meaning) to create and transform participants into self-actualized beings.


Each Educational & Training Session  is 1 hour. The Breakdown is 15 minute Preview and 45 minute Activity.

1) Far Eastern Self Massage Techniques for Stress Reduction (including chair)
2) Hatha Style Yoga Stretching
3) Guided Group Meditation Sessions including deep breathing modes
4) “Eight Pieces of Brocade” – Ancient Chinese Exercises for Health & Longevity including circular Chi breathing techniques


Mindful Meditation Practices:
A) Self-Actualization Basics
B) Empowering Success in Business Life
C) Family Blessings by Design
D) Our One World of Peace
E) The Orb called Earth
F) Celestial Bodies & Orbiting
G) Earth’s Treasures & Antiquities
H) Universal Healing
I) Circle of Wellness

Stress Relief Educational Programs
4 Facets of Training
1.) Guided Group Meditation
2.) Self & Chair Massage
3.) Ancient Standing Exercises for Health & Longevity
4.) Mind/Body/Spirit Breathing



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