Leadership by Nature 

The difference between managers and leaders is a simple matter of vision vs mission. Managers handle the day to day operations of a business. Leaders are the facilitators of future change and its effect on business.

The mission of an effective manager is to supervise workers making sure that they perform as expected. Managers oversee services provided to customers. Manufacturing and delivery of goods, order fulfillment, handling of budgetary matters and the maintenance of office space are some of the aspects of running a business that managers must accomplish well. 

On the other hand, successful leaders are visionaries who see how the daily details fit into larger patterns of significance. They understand how we are all part of our larger systems in Nature and society. Good leaders plan ahead, embrace change, and facilitate the development of their employees and associates as teammates. 

Great leaders inspire all with a vision of future possibilities and join with all in fulfilling our highest human experience and potentials.

The complex challenges of our times compel us all to become ‘Managerial Leaders’ in business. The fast-paced world around us is constantly changing. Requiring men and women to lead, regardless of our professions or stages in life. Success in business life requires management and leadership in the areas of quality circles, empowerment of teammates and shared governance. 

Managerial leaders must assess a situation, bring people together, build consensus and discover solutions while drawing upon the talents of everyone involved.

These ‘new’ leaders are facilitators, communicators, and team-builders, who realize that our greatest Natural Resources are our collective hearts and minds. 

The best Managerial Leaders successfully bring the Wisdom of Tao into business life daily. They harness the energy of Nature to constantly face the unknown while standing on the edge of and drawing from previous knowledge, experience, and ability.

Empowered by the principles of Nature (Tao), these new leaders blend well with the energies around them, realizing that they can redefine and reform situations by their own responses. They work to create community, transcend conflict through collaboration and cooperate to transform problems into solutions. 

Managerial Leaders embrace change by seeking balance through the deepest inner yin principles of existence (Tao). They make leadership an art, creating new harmonies from the outer yang experiences (Tao) that surround us. 

Leadership by Nature means concentration on the more personal elements of leadership, while at the same time focusing on relationships with and responsibilities towards others. 

Blending the dual yin yang principles of powerful oneness yet dynamic growth, each managerial leader learns the lessons of timing and understands the interdependence of yang action with yin contemplation in all that we do. 

As Leaders by Nature, we all develop a greater respect for ourselves and others. We all now experience business life as a journey of continuing education. 

Managerial leaders are lifelong learners. Challenges merely become opportunities for self-actualization and creative solutions, as we all learn to work with the dual energies within and around us. We take action as innovative leaders through heartfelt and mindful experience within Nature (Tao).

Leaders by Nature are emerging everywhere across the globe. They are found in politics, small businesses, large corporations, educational institutions, and community groups. They are corporate CEOs, legislators, medical researchers, scientists, artists, publishers, teachers and parents, each operating with the Wisdom of Nature (Tao).

Empowered by this Wisdom, each of us can become a Managerial Leader in our chosen field, and together we can lead our World into new cycles of balance, harmony, cooperation, and Peace.

Are you ready to become a Leader by Nature in yin yang balance with others and our planet?

Our future depends on it!

Our capacity to create depends on it!

The future of innovation depends on you!

The sojourner seeks Tao.

The traveler blends Tao.

The leader balances Yin with Yang.

The visionary finds Nature.